By: Asia First Media
Methodologies: Human Resources & Labor Review (HRLR), ChaseCareer Network, Dimension Points. All Rights Reserved

Compiled By: Barry Gartner, Emily Thompson, et al; Judge Panel: Experts from US, UK, Japan, China, Germany, France, Russia, Canada and several other institutions, as well as technoical representatives from Africa, Middle East, and Latin America.

Human Resources & Labor Review (HRLR), is a leading human competitiveness index & analysis, previously published annually in Chasecareer Network. In 2013, the London-based educational research division is acquired by Asia First Media Group and now is under intensive institutional, site and administrational restructuring. HRLR is now based in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, London and New York.

As we performed analysis and observation over a decade, in recent years, the principal goal of the many adjustments strategies at major universities in coming years will likely be the preservation of their ability to sustain the competition for talent, reputation and research excellence.

As a result, strategies that employ institutional reserves to maintain the status quo may, depending on the length of the economic cycles, leave institutions at a disadvantage relative to universities that readjust more significantly to guarantee the availability of funds to recruit the next generation of faculty, obtain talented students and sustain the highly productive research groups already at the institution. Some who do this well will have the resources to raid high performing research groups from institutions less effectively managed.

However individual universities respond, and how effectively they take advantage of the opportunities a crisis provides, will depend on a wide range of structural, institutional, political, and financial circumstances. Much of the public conversation that affects research universities will focus on the cost and structure of undergraduate programs, especially in public institutions.

While this will be a critical conversation for those institutions, especially where the volume of undergraduates sustains portions of the research enterprise, it is not necessarily critical to the research enterprise.

Some institutions, public or private, will surely reevaluate the wide scope of activities these research universities support, some of which may no longer be economically viable.

Speculation on these topics is a favorite academic activity, exaggerated expectations of dramatic change add drama to the exercise, but our experience in studying these top private and public research universities recommends caution and prudence in anticipating big changes.

High performing universities will continue to perform better than others, even in a constrained resource environment. Less effective institutions will likely remain less effective.

The Human Resources & Labor Review (HRLR) is non-partisan, neutral college / univerities ranking system, created by a team of multi-national experts and is based on Human Resources & Labor Review Index (HRI and LRI), which provide measurements over world’s Top 300 universities graduates’ performance.

Institutions: HRLR universities and colleges worldwide (Top 50 2014)
1 Harvard University
2 Stanford University
3 University of Cambridge
4 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5 California Institute of Technology
6 Princeton University
7 University of California, Berkeley
8 Columbia University
9 Yale University
10 University of Oxford
11 University of Pennsylvania
12 University of Chicago
13 University of Washington
14 University of California, Los Angeles
15 Cornell University
16 University of California, San Diego
17 Johns Hopkins University
18 University of California, San Francisco
19 Tokyo University
20 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
21 University College London
22 University of Wisconsin, Madison
23 ETH Zurich
24 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
25 Kyoto University
26 Imperial College London
27 University of Toronto
28 Washington University, St. Louis
29 University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
30 Northwestern University
31 Duke University
32 New York University
33 University of Paris
34 Tsinghua University
35 Vanderbilt University
36 University of British Columbia
37 Carnegie Mellon University
38 University of Munich
39 University of Colorado
40 University of California, Santa Barbara
41 Beijing University
42 Rockefeller University
43 University of Texas at Austin
44 University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
45 University of Maryland, College Park
46 Moscow State (Lumonosov) University
47 University of Southern California
48 University of Melbourne
49 University of California, Irvine
50 Heidelberg University

While our website is still under construction, this temporary page is made available to publish HRLR 2014-2015 ranking.

For further inquiry or complete lists, please contact: asiafirstmedia@yahoo.com or +1 650 423-3916
Asia First Media Group, San Mateo, CA, United States



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